Hi there family, friends, strangers. I’m crafting this as a personal journal slash whatever. And by whatever, I mean just that. The Office. Whatever is on my mind. Or in some cases, Porter’s.

Austin is my city, but El Paso is home. There have been a few stops in between, and likely more to come, but I’m proud to have lived in such interesting and different places–even though I’m still in Texas.

Why “Champagne from a Paper Cup”?

In my high school days I thought I was superior to everyone else because I listened to The Shins and Bright Eyes. In that mix was also, of course, Death Cab for Cutie. One of their songs on their first album was titled, you guessed it, Champagne from a Paper Cup. While I like the song, it’s the name of it that always stuck with me. I like the juxtaposition of something fancy and scrappy.